Secondary School


Secondary education is always taken as first step towards getting the opportunities and enjoying the benefits of economic and social development. If quality education at secondary level will be made sure, it will drive the students a path of acquiring more education either academic or technical and it will have great impact on the enrolment not only at the levels below secondary level but above this level as well. Nothing but only quality education can make young generation better dedicated citizens of the society and drive the country towards the path of prosperity.

The Secondary education in our school is a through and deep study of key subjects and experimental program that provides students with a broad and balanced knowledge, as well as effective critical thinking and communication skills.  We make sure that we equip our students for further academic studies. The School offers science subjects at Secondary level. These subjects include Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Computer Science, Mathematics, Pakistan Studies, Islamiyat and Urdu.

We also provide Comprehensive notes for every subject designed specifically for the board exams by experienced teachers who have been in this field for over a decade. These notes cover each and every aspect of the textbooks. These notes facilitates students by providing them every single detail in hierarchical order and saves their time and effort.